Galerie J.J. Heckenhauer


paperpositions artfair Basel June 11-16th

Dear Madam, dear Sir, dear friends,

after the successful start of the fair in 2018, paper positions will take place in Basel again in 2019.

From 11 – 16 June 2019, during Basel Art Week we will present new works on paper by Mauren Brodbeck (Geneva) and Fritz Sauter (Schaffhausen). In the centrally located Ackermannshof you will find us in the former studio of Dieter Roth at booth # 1.

We would be pleased to meet you !

JJ Heckenhauer

Mauren Brodbeck, is a Swiss multisensory artist and singer-songwriter. She uses visual and auditory elements to create startling reinterpretations of common objects and experiences. Her multidimensional works invite her audience to step outside their safe and familiar realities and reconsider their relationships with the people and environments around them.

MAUREN BRODBECK was born 1974 in Geneva, where she lives and works.

Total Artist, multisensory, multimedia explorer, Mauren Brodbeck crosses lines and transgresses categories through strange autofictitious or procedural stories. Both playing by and playing around codes, she breaks down categories with a simultaneously distressing and glamorous aesthetic that dissolves the rigidity of social representation of the individual.

We will present new works by the Swiss artist Mauren Brodbeck, called ERASURE. With her ex-perimental photographs (pigment prints) she trys to reveal the secrets of life and beauty with intangible alchemy, revealing the beauty in people and explore my own possibilities. Additionally we will show works from her series MONOCHROM and A MOVING IMAGE OF ETERNITY.

FRITZ SAUTER is an artist and graphic designer who lives and works in Schaffhausen / Switzerland, where he was born in 1952. He works with collage, drawings, paintings and private press books.

He published limited letterpress editions with first publications by Franz Hohler, Friederike May-röcker, Günter Kunert, Robert Walser, Hugo und Emmy Ball-Hennings and Hans Arp.


Mauren Brodbeck, Erasure 12, 2018. Pigment Print. 140 x 104 cm and 70 x 50 cm. Each edtion of 1 +AP

all rights reserved, courtesy of the artist.


Mauren Brodbeck, "Erasure, Forest play". 2019. Pigment Print.75 x 100 cm, edtion of 1 +AP

all rights reserved, courtesy of the artist.


Fritz Sauter, Collage on paper, 2018. 29 x 23 cm.